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Profiles: Women in Aviation


Aviation is a great profession, one I suspect is a passion for many of the people profiled here on the FedEx Blog.  Despite many challenges, aviation’s long-term future is bright.  One way we can make it brighter is to embrace a diverse workforce and harvest their many viewpoints and experiences to enrich our organization. We certainly believe that’s happening at our company.

We are proud of our diversity record.  FedEx was among the first to hire female pilots and now compares favorably in the number of women pilots we have.  We also work hard to make sure women are well represented throughout all our air operations, including maintenance, engineering, and safety.

FedEx was built on the dreams of many people and will continue to thrive on such dreams.  If you’re interested in pursuing aviation as a career, I encourage you to apply all the passion, determination, and hard work needed to reach your goals, just like these team members. To quote Eleanor Roosevelt, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

Frederick W. Smith
Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, FedEx Corporation


Jump to: Part I, Part II, Part III

Part I

Mary Murphy - Fleet Captain - Memphis, TN

I remember it was a beautiful winter day in Florida more than 32 years ago when, in a Piper PA-38 Tomahawk, I eagerly took to the skies for the very first time.  Wow!  What an experience.  Looking down at the earth instead of up at the sky, my perspective of life changed forever.   That day, I became a pilot,  and throughout my career I have always considered myself as a pilot and not as a woman in aviation.

With great support and encouragement from my parents and a few amazing mentors, I navigated the successes and the setbacks of an aviation journey that led me to my current position as a Fleet Captain for FedEx B757/B767 aircraft. 

When I recall and occasionally still come across the original and well-known FedEx customer promise of “Absolutely, Positively, Overnight”, it reminds me why FedEx is where I wanted to spend the rest of my aviation career. 

Visionary leadership, a corporate culture of innovation and creativity and the People Service Profit philosophy were what initially drew me in.  Coupled with my love of flying I knew that strong culture and service heritage at FedEx presented once in a lifetime opportunities at one of the best companies in the world.




FedEx to me, both personally and professionally, has given me the wonderful opportunity for career growth and work life balance, keeping me fulfilled as a pilot, as a wife, as a mother and, yes, as a woman in aviation.





Part II

Maureen Patton – Aircraft Mechanic - Memphis, TN

When I was growing up in Rhode Island, I was always fixing things, taking them apart and putting them back together. When you go into the military they give you an aptitude test, and when I joined the Navy I scored very high on that. I didn’t want to be stuck on a boat, so I took the job of jet aircraft mechanic. I tore engines apart and put them back together—I really enjoyed that.

When I left the military I went to work for Continental Airlines in Los Angeles, in the composite shop. I was also working for McDonnell-Douglas at the time, helping to build MD11s in their factory—I worked on the rigging. That was in the early ‘90s. One day a FedEx manager asked me if I was interested in working for FedEx. I really didn’t know much about the company then, but I went for an interview, and two days later I was working for FedEx! I was in heavy maintenance, the C check line. At the time we had 747s there, MD10s, DC10s during the day, and 727s.

I was having fun being an aircraft mechanic, but I knew that I really wanted to go into management someday. There were more opportunities for that in Memphis, so I came here. Sure, it was very different from California, but I was stationed in the Caribbean and went to California and that was a culture shock, then coming from California to Memphis was a culture shock too. Every place is different. I learned that wherever you are, start thinking of it as home. Make it home. You have to be happy. If you’re not happy at home, you’re not going to be happy at work.

Eventually I became senior manager, then managing director. I got into management because I wanted to make a difference. There were things I wasn’t thrilled with as a mechanic, and I knew my peers weren’t either. I knew I could help make those things better—that was my goal. I’ve instilled into my management team that there are three things everyone wants: to be respected, to have their pay taken care of, and for their family to come first. We are a people company and I believe in my people. They always come first.

Aviation is not an easy field, whether you’re a woman or not. I am on call pretty much all the time, and many nights I spend in my office. I have an air mattress in there and it’s very cozy! I don’t expect my people to do a job that I wouldn’t do. On bad weather nights, when conditions are nasty, I’m often out there with them, and I think it gives them a little boost when they see a member of upper management out there with them. You have to understand what’s happening in the operation. In this job, you have to understand the pulse. When it gets a little high you need to calm it down, when it gets a little low you need to push it up.

You definitely have to be a people person. You have to be able to change your hat and talk to all kinds of people. Aircraft maintenance has traditionally been a man’s world in many ways, but I’ve never been treated as inferior just because I’m female. I think once you prove yourself, you’re just like everyone else. You have to have a sense of humor. You have to have a thick skin, and I have a very thick skin. I try to take care of my employees as best I can, and I go above and beyond for them.


My advice to young women would be to consider going into the military. I really think everyone should consider it. What you learn there, you can’t duplicate anywhere else. You learn a lot about yourself, what you can do and not do. You learn structure. You learn to think outside the box because you don’t have someone there helping you all the time. It prepared me for the world I’m in today. The military is a great stepping-stone to a career in aviation, and it’s a great field to be in. I would love to see more women consider it. 


On a visit to our CDG Hub in Paris, Maureen takes time to chat informally with AMTs, giving them the chance to air any questions or concerns.



With CDG Senior Manager Michel Bastien (left) and VP Aircraft Maintenance Scott Ogden (center), Maureen discusses an idea for engine change kits that can be sent around the network.



Maureen’s job involves working hours and conditions that can sometimes be less than glamorous! On a densely foggy night at CDG (Paris), she goes on a ramp visit with local management to survey operations and swap ideas.

Part III


Carrollea Hubbard - Senior Aviation Maintenance Line Technician - Anchorage, Alaska.

I am a FedEx Senior Aviation Maintenance Line Technician at the Anchorage hub. I live and work in Anchorage. My dream job was to work as an aircraft mechanic for FedEx. I began my career for the company in Los Angeles in November 1990. I transferred to Alaska in 1992 to work on the ramp at the Anchorage hub. I received an A & P license and B.S. degree from the University of Alaska under the tuition reimbursement program.

I have worked with the Anchorage base maintenance team since 1998. When asked, “What is it like being the only woman on the team?” I can answer that I am not the only woman. I have the privilege of working with Bonnie Marmora, the administrative assistant, two days a week, and together, we help to bring a balance to a workplace that consists mostly of men.

I think working in a “man’s world” provides a woman with insight into the minds of men. There are no significant differences between men and women when it comes down to getting the job done. We are all on the same team, each with a unique personality, just people.

For those of you young women thinking about a job in aviation and having any apprehension about working with practically all men, remember, there are a few good women out there wishing you would join the team.

I love living in Alaska and working outdoors on the airplanes that transit the Anchorage ramp with my husband, Mark. We spend our time off hiking, skiing, camping, fishing, and enjoying the great outdoors with our dog, Scooter.

Alaska is a beautiful state and working at FedEx has provided me with the opportunity to gain an education and skills in order to build a fantastic career. I am finishing my M.S. degree in Career and Technical Education this May. I hope to pursue a position in either TechOps Training or join the FedEx management team in the future.


(IN COCKPIT) - Carrollea pictured with Richard Black

(IN COCKPIT) - Carrollea pictured with Richard Black, former lead mechanic from ANC who moved to Florida, and husband, Mark Murdough, on the right. This photo was taken by Patrick Archer on the day FedEx delivered N492FE to Merrill Field to donate to the UAA Aviation Maintenance Technician program.

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proud to be part of fedex

I'm proud to know all of you. You make me wonder if I've truly accomplished much!! Thank you for being willing to share your stories and inspire young girls to follow in your footsteps.

"Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return."

Moe, you inspire us all! A great leader leads the people from within them. It's about impact and influence. Impact involves getting results and influence is about spreading the passion you have for your work. You are trailblazing the path by breaking barriers!

I see you both all the time and it's wonderful to hear your backstories. You are both inspiring women and I am proud to work along side you and for FedEx.

Maureen, you have such an inspiring story, thank you for sharing it. FedEx is lucky to have someone like you, so dedicated to your team and the work in front of you. Your brand of Leadership if important for all of our futures at FedEx. I am printing your story and taking it home to my daughters to read! Thank you for being a role model.

These stories are very touching and inspiring. You should be very proud of your accomplishments.

Very inspiring Mary! FedEx is the best company to work for ... motivating us daily with the Purple Promise and LPSP philosophy. Thank you for sharing and making us proud!

"What a great comment...."...I have always considered myself as a pilot and not as a woman in aviation." Success should be based on merit, not using gender as a crutch. Congratulations Mary! Thanks for representing the Purple Promise of FedEx Express and women in aviation so well." Agree with this concept. Great work accomplishing this goal! This attitude is what sets FedEx far ahead of the rest!

Excellent, Congratulations!

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