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Vice President, Customer Service Operations

I serve as Vice President of Customer Service Operations at FedEx and I’m responsible for ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction through the use of the latest customer service and technology. I’m responsible for overseeing 31 call centers in the Americas and Canada and more than 5,500 customer service representatives in my organization.

I recognize the crucial link between employee satisfaction and customer loyalty and I’ve built my leadership style focuses on nurturing the talents of team members by providing the tools and resources they need to achieve personal and professional success. I want the team members in my group to be inspired by their work and feel empowered. If we can achieve this, I firmly believe they will deliver dazzling customer service to customers, who will, in turn, become more loyal.

I joined FedEx in 1979, and have held various management positions in Operations Engineering, Communications and Training and Sales.

My Professional Activities

  • Currently an active member of the Harvard Women’s Leadership Board through the John F. Kennedy School of Government and the International Woman’s Forum.
  • Have served on the boards of the American Society of Training and Development and the National Oral School for the Deaf and the Diversity Council.

I blog about my insights, tips and advice to achieve work life balance, managing a career and what it takes for female executives to have both a successful career and family.

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