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Corporate Vice President, Chief Information Security Officer and Chief IT Risk Officer FedEx Corporation

“Protecting our customers, our employees, and our systems is of crucial importance to FedEx.  That importance is heightened by the fact that our systems are often incorporated into our customer’s systems, so we have a responsibility to protect their customers’ data as well.”

Wood shoulders responsibility for the security and continuity of all the processes and technologies that protect FedEx and its customers. This includes all applications affecting transportation, e-commerce, and business services. She makes sure that systems maintain their availability and integrity, that fraud is not perpetuated within the FedEx network, and that these systems are operational even in the face of disaster.

While Wood likes to quip that she lives on the edge of intrigue and danger, her collaborative approach to finding cost-efficient solutions for a growing range of cyber threats has proven effective time and again. Under her direction, FedEx continues to strengthen its defenses while furthering customer service and innovation.

Building on an interest in science and math, Wood obtained an electrical engineering degree from Auburn University and also holds a MBA in Systems Management. She joined FedEx in 1984, filling a number of key positions, including the development of and serving as the first Chief Information Officer for the FedEx Asia-Pacific region.

Her keen interest in environmental issues drives her to pursue sustainable engineering solutions at work as well as serve on the Overton Park Conservancy Board in her community.

The recipient of many national awards, Wood is sought out by others for her expertise in IT transformation, leadership, security, and networking. Her ability to see security as forward-looking actions rather than defensive tactics is central to the way she and her staff continue to address security issues.

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