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Technical Fellow, Cold Chain Management, FedEx Express

Dr. Christelle Laot is the Technical Fellow, Cold Chain Management for FedEx Life Sciences and Specialty Services, a division of FedEx Express. In this role, Dr. Laot oversees technical and scientific aspects for critical healthcare shipments globally, interacts with peers at healthcare companies, and is responsible for regulatory surveillance. She is regularly speaking at international conferences and is a member of IATA Time and Temperature Task Force.

Dr. Laot joined FedEx Express in 2007 as a Senior Financial Analyst and then moved to the Life Sciences and Specialty Services International Customer Engineering team in 2010. Prior to her work with FedEx, Dr. Laot held managerial positions at Bayer AG in Leverkusen, Germany, first as a research scientist in polymer physics and then as a global strategic project leader.

Dr. Laot holds PhD and MS in Chemical Engineering from Virginia Tech (USA), a Diplôme d’Ingénieur from UTC Compiègne (France), as well as an MBA from HEC Montreal (Canada).

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