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“What’s Your Sign?” – Not Just a Conversation Opener

whats_your_sign.png When it comes to the dating game, some people say your astrological sign says a lot about your personality. A small business "sign" can tell a lot about your business, too. In March 2012, FedEx Office conducted a survey that explored the connections between small business signage and positive consumer action. Here's what we learned, along with some tips to help "attract" customers.

Doing Business Is Now More Convenient Than Ever


Have you ever been far from home and needed to print a document for a business meeting? I often receive important files from the office on my smartphone while I'm on the road visiting our team members. Whether I'm in Sacramento or Orlando learning firsthand about what is happening at our FedEx Office stores, there are many times I need to print files quickly and conveniently.

At FedEx Office, we have a number of different customers who are constantly on the go, whether they are traveling for business, en route to a parent/teacher conference or rushing to meet with a potential client. One thing we've learned, though, is that we all want the same thing - easy-to-use and convenient printing solutions...