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The Big Orchestration

GCR Local Mgmt...Studies show how people perform better in environments where they feel valued and appreciated. They want their contribution to be valued and their culture respected. However, how does a business like FedEx achieve the required integration of all these different cultures without ignoring the local people and their mentalities? How do you overcome misunderstandings rooting in cultural differences and tension that could keep a part of your organizations from performing?

When FedEx decided to go International in 1984, I was fortunate to get a job as data entry clerk at its Hamburg (Germany) Airport Office, earning funds to attend university. Immediately, I was fascinated by the task this great U.S. company now had to tackle...

For those who see rescuing someone from a burning house as just another day on the job...


This holiday season, I give special thanks to FedEx, for keeping the People First and honoring those purple-blooded team members that truly love this company, their jobs, and those in their community!

On October 28, 2010, FedEx Express honored 26 employees for their above and beyond service to FedEx and the community. Eleven employees received the Purple Promise Award and 15 received the Humanitarian Award.

How Many Prints Does it Take to Get to Disney World?

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Like many great places to work, FedEx Office makes it a priority each year to recognize the hard work and success of our team members. The annual Team of the Year competition – in place since the 1980s, when the company was known as Kinko’s – is reserved to honor the best-of-the-best in our organization. One cluster, or group of stores, and one standalone center are selected based on their record of customer service, team member retention and financial performance. We also honor the top sales team in the nation for their hard work, sales performance and commitment to customers.

Viva Las Vegas!

As the hybrids took a break from the road in Las Vegas before their final descent into California, I had the special opportunity to sit with station managers, Tom Enright and John to talk about how things were going in Las Vegas. Two mouths. One word. Busy.

Information Technology is a Universal Language

When I was approached to be a member of the IT team to implement the new FedEx Asia Pacific hub in Guangzhou, China, I didn’t know how to react.  In my 20 years at FedEx, I’ve always been involved with the IT systems that help our hubs operate.  I was a member of the team that successfully implemented two expansions of the Indianapolis hub, but implementing a hub in China?Our small core team, comprised of US and Asia Pacific IT team members was about to embark upon a mission-possible!