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Gen Y - Tell Us About Access

Gen-Y is a generation that has never been without today’s level of access to goods, information and even their friends with new social media. But the journey is never-ending. Where do these new consumers of Access see it taking us next? For the past three years, FedEx has been talking about Access to influencers, customers, employees and other key audiences. Now we want to hear back from this Access Generation.

Net Impact Conference: Bill Margaritis

FedEx executive Bill Margaritis participated in a panel discussion "Ethical Globalization: An Exploration of Opportunities and Challenges" at last week's 16th annual Net Impact Conference at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.  The conference's theme this year was "The Sustainable Advantage: Creating Social and Environmental Value".  Bill spoke about the topic of Access.  The conference was attended by approximately 2,000 MBA students from accross the country and around the world.

Elections Prove It's All About Access

America just concluded one of the most defining Presidential campaigns in its history. More citizens than ever before crowded polling places and exercised their right to vote. And for the first time on the same ballot, these empowered citizens were given the opportunity to elect our country’s first female Vice President or its first African American President. It was a huge moment for all Americans – one I hope continues to energize us for the future.