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Small Business Needs TTIP To Overcome Obstacles

America and Europe have more than just history, culture and values in common. Our economic health depends on our taking every opportunity to increase trade between the continents. After all, the United States and the European Union are each other’s largest economic partners – trading over $2 Billion in goods and services every day. What’s holding us back from more?

Why Indy Means Business

Plane_V8I7791TakeOffFinal.jpg.jpeg Starting this April, huge Boeing 777 cargo aircraft will begin streaming in and out of Indianapolis four nights a week coming from the new FedEx Express hub in Osaka, Japan. Locating our FedEx North Pacific Regional Hub on the western edge of Japan is partly due to a combination of geography, flight optimization, package consolidation, and something the Kansai International Airport (KIX) shares with the Indianapolis International Airport (IND) – they are open for business 24/7. So is the U.S. economy.

Global gateways, like the Indy Hub, are essential to keep today’s customers and suppliers throughout America competitive in the world economy. US exports to Asia have been steadily increasing...

Commerce and FedEx Team Up to Provide Opportunities for Exporters

...FedEx helps companies within the New Market Exporter Initiative go beyond simply transporting packages from country to country. For example, through this trade promotion alliance with the U.S. Commercial Service, FedEx has launched trade missions around the world linking businesses to new export markets. They developed joint-education programs to help customers learn how to export and hold trade promotion events on an ongoing basis to help businesses connect to new customers...

Creating Jobs and Growing Exports through Teamwork

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Each day our FedEx teams work to ensure that every experience our customers have with us is outstanding.  I am proud to lead our international team and help our customers reach new markets and new consumers for their goods and services.  But to ensure our customers grow their international business, it is critically important that they have the resources and know-how to reach those new markets and consumers.