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“Social Heroes” from Germany – How students won global acclaim for groundbreaking CSR work

social-heroes-combined.jpg The idea arose in 2004 after a party we had thrown. And unlike so many other ideas that are born after a party (or during it), this one actually became reality. It all started when one of us raised the question of why we actually return empty bottles to the supermarket. To get a refund for the deposit (in Germany the deposit system is quite big) or just to get rid of some unwanted waste? For us, the answer was the latter and that’s how the idea of donating deposit slips was born.

We took immediate action, designed a box and tested the idea in Berlin where customers could donate their deposit slips in local supermarkets. The test worked well and it soon became our first project with multiple partners. In Berlin, the charity “Berliner Tafel” alone uses 100 of our boxes for its fundraising and raises €100,000 a year that way.

Helping Disabled Veterans Get to the Mountaintop

On 9/11/2010, eight veterans, one veteran family member, a five person film crew, and a representative from our team’s main sponsor, Force Factor Nutrition, summitted Longs Peak, the highest mountain in Rocky Mountain National Park, just before noon. How did anyone know who we were?  Thanks to FedEx Office, we were able to hand out cards and stickers along the way that carried our logo.  While we were on top of the mountain, we were able to proudly display our banner, thanks to the great team from the Denver district of FedEx Office.