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The View From the Driver’s Seat of a Sea Turtle Rescue Truck

The husband and wife driving team of Ron and Margaret-Mary Shellito are at the wheel of a FedEx Custom Critical truck for the sea turtles rescue effort. They have more than 26 years of experience driving FedEx Custom Critical trucks, with a focus on transporting temperature-controlled shipments. Between them, they have driven more than eight million miles without an accident.By Margaret-Mary Shellito Friday, July 9 – Morning

Gulf Coast Turtle Rescue: Looking for Turtle Tracks

A team posted in the Gulf explains how they're able to track turtles all the way to their nests and then mark and protect the site prior to relocating the nests.

"No Regular Tractor Trailers"

The FedEx Custom Critical truck transporting turtle eggs from the Gulf of Mexico is equipped with features including satellite tracking, self-inflating tires, temperature control, and backup power -- all meant to move the turtles safely and smoothly to their new home. Driver Ronald Shellito walks through the technology and shares his pride in being able to help.

Custom Shock Absorbers To Give Turtle Eggs a Gentle Ride

Special shock absorbers and custom pallets are part of the effort by FedEx Custom Critical and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation to transport hundreds of loggerhead sea turtle nests to Florida's Atlantic Coast.

Prepping for Fragile Cargo

The turtle eggs to be transported by FedEx Custom Critical will be housed in soft styrofoam containers designed to minimize any jostling or movement during transport. This video shows how teams prepped the containers and designed a critical airflow system.