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2012 FedEx Global Citizenship Report

gcr-ev-image.jpeg Today we released our fifth Global Citizenship Report. In the spirit of continuous improvement, this year’s report aligns with the Global Reporting Initiative guidelines. It showcases our continued efforts to provide sustainable solutions for our customers and our communities in a more standardized and transparent way. And, importantly, it is an all-digital and print-on-demand platform again this year.

Business Expertise-Customer Analytics

customer service la_5064_07_2008_sm.jpg For me, some aspects of great customer service never change, such as wanting to “hear a smile” in the voice of the person helping me.

Work Life Balance in the Modern World

Prior to starting at FedEx in 2009, I had over 18 years of work experience…never before had I heard of work-life balance! Of course, companies I worked for said that they cared about their employees’ happiness and well-being, but there was no follow-through. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that FedEx actually walks the walk. The FedEx Work-Life Balance Program “was established to foster a more supportive work environment that acknowledges employees as individuals with priorities beyond the workplace,” and the Employee Activity Committees (EAC) that are present throughout the various FedEx Operating Companies only enhance the program.

You Down With P-S-P? Yeah You Know Me! (Applying FedEx Principles in the Age of Access)

..At FedEx we have an internal philosophy, a guiding principle if you will, which we call P-S-P. That stands for “People-Service-Profit.” This started with our founder and he has often described the circular nature of that mantra by explaining that if you invest in your people they will provide a superior service which will generate profit, which in turn allows you to invest in your people. It is all interconnected, much like the world economy has become and is continuing to become...

The Big Orchestration

GCR Local Mgmt...Studies show how people perform better in environments where they feel valued and appreciated. They want their contribution to be valued and their culture respected. However, how does a business like FedEx achieve the required integration of all these different cultures without ignoring the local people and their mentalities? How do you overcome misunderstandings rooting in cultural differences and tension that could keep a part of your organizations from performing?

When FedEx decided to go International in 1984, I was fortunate to get a job as data entry clerk at its Hamburg (Germany) Airport Office, earning funds to attend university. Immediately, I was fascinated by the task this great U.S. company now had to tackle...