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[Video] I am FedEx: Classical dance from India

I just don’t love dance but I respect dance. It allows someone to keep their body and mind free and fresh without focusing time on gym, diet and so on. When I go for dance class I really forget what the rest of the world is doing. It's just simply tap your feet and move your body as the music goes. Dance helps to make your mind fresh; after performing one feels so relaxed from deep inside...

Connecting worlds: Kelly Brown’s mission in the Philippines

Philip_2011Flip-Flops.jpg Heroes are hard to come by. To find one, you might look for someone who doesn’t give in to pain, and who is respectful, kind and selfless. After visiting the Philippines on a medical mission last month, FedEx Ground Organizational Development senior manager Kelly Brown shares a connection with an entire population of people who she considers to be heroes.

VIDEO: A Natural Storyteller - Behind the scenes with FedEx and Trees For Troops

Delivering freshly cut Christmas trees to families of U.S. servicemen and women.

A Battered Box, a Fearless Rescue and One Brash New Yorker... or What I Learned Photographing the People of "I am FedEx"

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With the launch of a new FedEx employee recognition program called "I am FedEx", I was asked to photograph life sized portraits and wall hangings featuring FedEx employees across the company.  The thing I like most about this concept is we're featuring the unsung heroes who perform the magic 'behind the curtain'.  They are the everyday workers, the ones on the frontlines who produce by doing and being out in the field, hubs and stations every day.