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Mothering, Mentoring and Magic

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...Josue is from L.A. and has visions of becoming a diplomat, based in Latin America. He’s the first in his family to attend college. Edrick loves sports, wants to become a physical therapist and has amassed more than 40 pairs of Air Jordan shoes, all sealed for protection like any good collector would do. William is from the Bronx, and doesn’t seem daunted at all by the prospect of at least 12 years worth of higher education in his pursuit of a career as a surgeon. And Ryan loves photography, and plans to become a photojournalist....

How one man impacted the future of a business by simply giving his best to a seemingly small job


...It reminds me of a story from the early days of FedEx.  We had met with a group of investors to try to get them to invest in our young company, but they decided against giving us the money.  We were very disappointed.  But the next day, one of the investors called me and said the group members had changed their mind and we would indeed be receiving the funds we had requested.  “Just out of curiosity,” I asked the man, “what made you change your mind?” Here’s what he told me...

It Takes Time to Make an Impact

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During half-time at the Grizzlies versus Houston Rockets basketball game on April 6, 2010, the Memphis Grizzlies Foundation honored the African-American Network at FedEx for the successful mentoring program they initiated through the Memphis Cares program. Memphis Cares is an affiliate of the National Cares Mentoring Movement founded in 2006 by Susan L.