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What If Or What For?

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Curiosity is not enough. Sometimes, you have to ask the right question. The recent kerfuffle concerning the use of electric vehicles for long-range transportation between an EV manufacturer and a major newspaper has me thinking again about an issue we faced when my family and I were deciding whether or not to purchase an electric vehicle.

2011 Annual Report: We’re making excellent progress toward greater fuel efficiency & implementing alternative sources of energy

Just like you, we’re keeping an eye on the cost of fuel. At FedEx, our vision is to help develop a new short-haul transportation system powered by electricity. I am a member of the Electrification Coalition, which recommends the creation of “electrification deployment communities” — areas where incentives would support electrification on a broad scale.

Today, FedEx is testing all-electric pickup and delivery vehicles in the U.S. and Europe. Early results indicate that operational and maintenance costs could be 70 to 80 percent lower than those costs for internal combustion engines.

View a video that highlights more of my thoughts about the future of electric vehicles.

Keep on Truckin’


Restlessness and discontent are the first necessities of progress - Thomas A. Edison

Constructive discontent can be a good thing. Alternatively, the status quo can lead to stagnation. That’s why it is pleasing when organizations have set goals, strategies developed, tactics implemented, and progress being made.

For the FedEx Express Vehicles department, that is realized in their work on a Reduce, Replace and Revolutionize initiative. Simply put, it’s using the right vehicle for the right application...