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Seeing the World Through the Eyes of FedEx

Have you ever wanted to take a boat ride through the Venetian waterways or stand on the land where civilization began? How about swim in some of the bluest, clearest water on the planet? Or eat exotic food in a faraway land?Well, I did and it was all done through the eyes of FedEx. For me, the opportunity to observe global cultures via FedEx was an unforgettable experience – especially considering that I grew up in a town of about 6,000 people in North Carolina.

Infrastructure Gives Societies the Ability to Connect

NOTE: This post first appeared as a guest post on the Triple Pundit blog:

FedEx All-Electric Truck: Two Transportation Visions

So why are we doing this? Motoring west on old Route 66 demonstrating the first all-electric FedEx truck? Following the route of a highway that doesn’t even officially exist any more with a vehicle that looks like it should be delivering E.T.? Because we want to remind people of the power of a vision. In this case, two visions for American transportation: one from the past, one for the future.