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Reach Out and PLANT…Somebody’s TREE for EarthSmart

...Our conservation projects will include a half or full day of service for FedEx team members, working with each NFWF grantee and the local community. We will help plant trees and shrubbery in Pittsburgh, Miami, Memphis and Washington, D.C.; clear invasive plant species in Seattle and Chicago; restore trails in Colorado Springs; revitalize riverfronts and watersheds near Philadelphia, Indianapolis, Dallas, Newark and Boston; and transplant native plants to the Los Angeles area coastline and to San Francisco’s Presidio Bluffs.

Last year, FedEx team members helped plant 15,510 trees, which will be responsible for reducing 372,240 pounds of CO2 per year. In addition, we have helped restore 219 acres of habitat and reduce runoff water volume by 570,000 gallons per year. All of which translates to a fresher and more beautiful environment for us and the next generation to enjoy...

Confessions of an Educated Man

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” - Frederick Douglas   I admit it - I had it pretty good. Growing up in suburban Dallas, I attended good schools with good teachers and parents who came to PTA meetings. My mom was on the school board, my history teacher drove my bus and my biggest dilemmas were in the daily cafeteria line. Rarely was there a barrier to the education I needed.