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Pack, Ship & Give Back this Holiday Season

As much as Superstorm Sandy took away from millions of people, uprooting lives and devastating neighborhoods, it has also inspired, in the worst of times, the best in people – a determination to give. The courage to face rebuilding shattered communities, even in the immediate wake of the hurricane, inspired all of us who watched from afar. We ached at the misfortune of fellow Americans. Even from thousands of miles away, we couldn’t help but see them as neighbors.

FedEx Among Companies Recognized by NYSE for Hurricane Sandy Relief Support

wall_street_exchange_med.jpg The New York Stock Exchange recently recognized FedEx and several other companies for corporate giving and support of victims impacted by Hurricane Sandy. Representatives from the companies rang the Closing Bell® at the New York Stock Exchange on Nov. 8.

Thank you from Direct Relief International - Haiti Earthquake work

It has been two years since the devastating Haiti earthquake. This video from Direct Relief International thanks FedEx for our involvement in relief efforts. Direct Relief International's response after the Haiti quake has been the largest disaster relief effort in their 64-year history, and we were proud to work with them in this worthy endeavor.

Award from leading relief agency a 2010 highlight for FedEx


A 2010 highlight for FedEx related to our CSR efforts in the disaster response area was receiving the Global Partner Award from a relief organization I view as incredibly forward thinking, proactive and groundbreaking in their work: Direct Relief International (DRI).

Since disaster response is one of the core philanthropic giving areas at FedEx it was especially gratifying to receive an award in this area (learn more about our giving areas at, and all the more so as it was given by such a top-notch agency.

FedEx provides in-kind transportation support to Direct Relief, increasing their capacity to respond to disasters worldwide, and to provide critically needed medicines to underserved populations around the world. However, in addition to recognizing FedEx for in-kind support, the award specifically...

First FedEx Flight Direct to Haiti with Relief Supplies Departs

The first FedEx Express direct flight to Haiti departs from Miami International Airport with food and water for the Haiti Earthquake victims. The FedEx Express Boeing freighter will deliver up to 40,000 pounds of relief supplies donated by local, Florida nonprofit organizations. Juan Cento, FedEx Express President, Latin America and Caribbean Division will be on-site for media interviews. The flight left on Sunday, January 17, 2010 at approximately 9:30am EST from the FedEx Express Gateway Hub.