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FedEx Trade Networks Named Global Freight Forwarder of the Year at 2013 Payload Asia Awards Ceremony

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During my travels to Singapore this week, I had the honor of accepting the 2013 Payload Asia Award naming FedEx Trade Networks Global Freight Forwarder of the Year. This award is judged on a company's growth and development strategies, operational performance and customer service and product innovation. I could not be prouder of the more than 4,600 team members of FedEx Trade Networks whose dedication to providing best-in-class customer service is the foundation to our success. It is this commitment that has made us a premier global freight forwarder.

Award from leading relief agency a 2010 highlight for FedEx


A 2010 highlight for FedEx related to our CSR efforts in the disaster response area was receiving the Global Partner Award from a relief organization I view as incredibly forward thinking, proactive and groundbreaking in their work: Direct Relief International (DRI).

Since disaster response is one of the core philanthropic giving areas at FedEx it was especially gratifying to receive an award in this area (learn more about our giving areas at, and all the more so as it was given by such a top-notch agency.

FedEx provides in-kind transportation support to Direct Relief, increasing their capacity to respond to disasters worldwide, and to provide critically needed medicines to underserved populations around the world. However, in addition to recognizing FedEx for in-kind support, the award specifically...

Recognizing the People Who Run the World's Best Cargo Hub

What an amazing event! On Saturday, October 16, the Memphis World Hub had a Family Day, to celebrate the World’s Best Cargo Hub award bestowed on us by the Institute of Transport Management in London.  Almost 6000 people came to show their family what their workplace looks like. We had examples of all of our aircraft fleet, and most of our ground support equipment. We had games for the kids and food for everyone.  We even had tours of the facility so our team members’ families could see where they worked. 

Taking Time To Recognize A FedEx Blogger - Mitch Jackson

Earlier this month Ethisphere named FedEx Citizenship blogger Mitch Jackson to its 2009 list of 100 Most Influential People in Business Ethics.