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Entire Big Atlantic Sales Team Steps Out For a Day to Serve Community

Gwens GirlsFedEx Cares AS_204 (2).jpg “One-hundred and twenty people? Sure, we can use your help!” That was the reaction from Ashley Dandridge, Director of Volunteer and Participant Services at Gwen’s Girls in Pittsburgh, when asked if she could put an entire FedEx Business Sales Region to work for a very special day during our annual FedEx Cares Week.

Learning the Value of Service, Sharing with Those in Need

danconnors-foodandfriends.jpeg Years ago, when Dan Connors was a carefree college student, his summer job was cutting lawns in upstate New York. Dan enjoyed the pleasant work, the smells of fresh-cut grass, and the intermittent schedule. He was wiling away the afternoon on the sofa on one of his days off when his dad walked by and said “Get off the couch, you’re coming with us.”

Celebrating 10 Years of Volunteer Work in Los Angeles

fcw-losangelesteam.jpg If you bring up the subject of FedEx Cares Week around Mary Gonzales, you’ll see her face immediately fill with energy, and you won’t be able to miss the light in her eyes. Mary will quickly tell you that she is just one of an amazing team of hundreds of FedEx volunteers who give back to their community every year in the Los Angeles area. This humble attitude, and the experience of doing something to truly help others, brings people back to sign up for often-difficult physical work, volunteering year after year.

Restoring the Identities and Livelihood of Our Homeless Community in Memphis

logohomelessconnect.jpg As Robert and I moved from station to station, I saw the world through the eyes of someone experiencing homelessness. As I helped him fill out a form for a replacement Social Security card, I had to pause on the second line: What is your address? Such a simple question for most of us, but not for Robert. Later, I received a text from my husband: What should we do for dinner tonight? Such a casual choice, full of options for most of us, but not for Robert.

FedEx Cares Week: Creating Ripple Effects

  One of my proudest accomplishments is my work with Rebuilding Together Pittsburgh, an organization that provides free home repairs and maintenance to elderly homeowners so they can remain in their homes. Since joining the board of directors in 2010, I have been truly moved by the people I have met and the number of FedEx coworkers who are always willing to help out.