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Rebuilding Haiti for Sustainable Success

While the world is still grappling with the pressing need to save lives in the aftermath of one of the worst natural disasters to hit the Western hemisphere, it is also confronted with the challenge of rebuilding Haiti into a prosperous nation with a sustainable economy.  From the ashes and devastation may come Haiti’s greatest opportunity to construct a solid and stable country that can actively participate in and contribute to the world economy.

Salute to FedEx Charters and FedEx Express Operations

FedEx Corporate Contributions received a most unusual request: to transport 7 Beluga whales and 4 dolphins to a temporary home while Shedd Aquarium in Chicago was under renovation.  Two planes transported the special cargo under the direction of FedEx Charters team including Dave Lange, Walter Hooker, George Miller and Larry Ashkenaz in the fall of 2008.  Many details had to be worked out: making sure planes were available, reviewing flight schedules in and out of both airports, lining up crew and extra equipment such as the 40,000 pound capacity forklifts, gaining airfield and security cle