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From the heart of the storm: FedEx Fire Chief works with recovery teams in Oklahoma

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Charles Smith is Chief of FedEx World Hub Fire Services and a member of Tennessee Task Force One. He recently travelled to Oklahoma to help impacted communities recover from the disastrous EF5 tornado that ripped through the area on May 20. This is his story…

When It Roars, Go Indoors!

Philly Students Assembling Kits DSCF3245.JPG
With an excited group of 100 enthusiastic, fired-up students from several schools in Philadelphia, and in the company of Lloyd Ayers, Fire Commissioner, City of Philadelphia and Tom Foley, CEO of the Red Cross Southeastern Pennsylvania Chapter, we wrapped up our series of "Race to Prepare: events with Red Cross, FedEx and our NASCAR team on Thursday, September 24th.

Speedway Middle School Students get Green Flag as they "Race to Prepare" with NASCAR and Red Cross

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We recently sponsored a disaster preparedness event with Red Cross, NASCAR and a large group of middle school students. When I was in middle school, my family moved to the Virgin Islands. Back then I was somewhat familiar with disaster preparedness - as we took hurricane season very seriously - but I was not familiar with NASCAR. While NASCAR drivers race at speeds exceeding 100 miles per hour and drive on high tech speedways, the top speed limit in the islands was 40 miles per hour and lines were painted on roads by a guy in a motorcycle sidecar with a bucket of paint and a brush!