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Investigating Energy Savings at Data Centers

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The economy of the 21st Century is built on a foundation of knowledge and information sharing.  For companies, this accumulated knowledge is stored in vast computer data centers.  These data centers store data, network computer and information systems, and in the case of FedEx, help manage a complex worldwide operation.  A major operational and environmental cost of running these data centers, however, is the consumption of vast amounts of energy, approximately 1.5% of all electricity used in the US in 2007 according to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).   That number is expected

The School Year is Just Starting but the Grades Are Already Coming In

Schools around the country are getting ready to open their doors for the fall term, but FedEx Office has already gotten its first report card of the year. Today ForestEthics and the Dogwood Alliance, nonprofits committed to responsible forestry, issued their third annual “Green Grades” office supply report card.  I’m proud to say FedEx Office got an A-, the best grade in the business.According to the report:

Green Power Continues to Light the Way

“It is the nature of truth to struggle to the light” – Wilkie Collins