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5 Tips to Help Save Fuel and Promote Eco-Driving

EV-master_jm12337-cropped.jpg In Japan, the recent earthquake resulted in a short-term fuel shortage that hit us hard – literally fuel was not available at gas stations. Eco-Driving was an operational imperative, as it became even more important while we secured alternative sources of fuel.

Along with the other safety briefs about earthquake aftershocks, recovery efforts, and the nuclear crisis, FedEx Express added re-enforcement in our communications with couriers regarding Eco-Driving. Since they already knew the 5 tips well, they came through in a big way and were able to stretch the fuel we had.

For Japan, Eco-Driving was not just about a contribution to the environment – it was a necessity. How the couriers used the 5 tips when it counted helped us to be there for our customers who were depending on us more than ever for critical shipments.

Amarillo By Morning - The Hybrid Road Trip Continues with Safety on the Mind

It's morning in Oklahoma City and day two of my summer road trip.  The 500-plus miles from Memphis to OKC was a bit rough, but it was amazing to see the beautiful open road, answered questions from a couple from California about why FedEx Express delivery trucks were on the highway and to have just a general sense of excitement and appreciation for all those who drive a truck for a living.