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The Road Goes on Forever and the Party Never Ends

That’s the title of a Robert Earl Keen song that reminds me of my college days.  I’ve developed quite the road trip soundtrack, but it’s a fitting summary title for my summer tour with the hybrids.  The 92 hybrids that have ventured across the country have anywhere from 300,000 to 500,000 revenue service miles on them.  They’ve been given a new engine, new paint job and a new life as a cleaner vehicle ready to serve FedEx customers in California.  FedEx Express’ John Formisano commented, “It’s the very definition of recycling.” 

Viva Las Vegas!

As the hybrids took a break from the road in Las Vegas before their final descent into California, I had the special opportunity to sit with station managers, Tom Enright and John to talk about how things were going in Las Vegas. Two mouths. One word. Busy.

Training for the Hybrids

After a couple of days in the hybrid trucks, everyone who gets behind the wheel to start one of these new vehicles will look at me with a surprised look and say, “this is weird!.” It’s weird because when the hybrid starts up, it doesn’t feel like it is starting. And when it does finally come completely on the diesel engine is not as loud as before.  The cabin doesn’t feel the same as with a typical delivery truck.  Then the truck starts to move and there are even more strange looks and comments.  Enter Bill Pearson with the FedEx Express training department.  

The FedEx Hybrid Road Trip

All week long the FedEx Citizenship blog has been bringing information on the ground breaking retro-fitted hybrid truck movement from Charlotte, NC to San Francisco and Los Angeles.  In addition, the FedEx Citizenship blog is on I40 with the last 25 of the 92 hybrids. Here are all the posts from this week's move:

Amarillo By Morning - The Hybrid Road Trip Continues with Safety on the Mind

It's morning in Oklahoma City and day two of my summer road trip.  The 500-plus miles from Memphis to OKC was a bit rough, but it was amazing to see the beautiful open road, answered questions from a couple from California about why FedEx Express delivery trucks were on the highway and to have just a general sense of excitement and appreciation for all those who drive a truck for a living.