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Building the Future in emerging Vietnam

In the misty mornings in the remote mountains in northern Vietnam, a young boy walks past his village through a field to an isolated building built by FedEx. He does not drop off a package. Instead, he drops into a classroom with other students to learn about the world around him.

Junior Achievement Through a FedEx Team Member's Eyes

...By the end of the 5-week session, this same student was so eager to raise his hand to volunteer his thoughts and started socializing more with this classroom peers. The teacher called me several months later thanking me for helping this 1 student “break through” and that he has practically become a class leader! Helping 1 student in any way through out each classroom session, whether it is through teaching about our economic principles or helping the student find pride in him/herself to build confidence, increased my passion for the purpose of JA.

For the last 7 years at FedEx, I wanted to continue my dedication to JA by supporting the annual Bowl-A-Thon fundraiser as company co-ordinator. With so many charitable organizations that FedEx supports, my passion for performing in this voluntary capacity is fueled knowing that the children of today will be the leaders of tomorrow...

Passionate and creative students from Ecuador win coveted FedEx Access Award in Bogota, Colombia

Matt Dan Shane at Uywa trade stand 178.jpg ...At this year’s Americas competition (Latin America and the Caribbean) student teams competed as judges considered their business plans, presentations, trade fair booths, products and services, teamwork, presentations and other criteria. For the FedEx Access award, we considered their success in creating jobs, driving global commerce, improving the environment, and growing small business.

This year’s winner of the FedEx Access award was a team from Ecuador. They named their company Uywa (pronounced “Oo-ee-wah”) a word taken from the Quechua (Ecuadorian Indian) language that means “animal.” Their product was an amazing collection of stuffed animals representing endangered animals in Ecuador...

Business Vikings

Beyond the dramatic excitement and showmanship, we’re confident all of the attendees appreciated the spirit of the JA-YE experience: the culture that arises when young entrepreneurs from all over the world get together, what we call the celebration of the “entrepreneurial spirit”. These up and coming youngsters really got off to a flying start and got a genuine taste of what real business is about.

Let us set the record straight: JA-YE is everything BUT a classroom. It is about having an idea and believing in it, then getting out there and working hard to make it happen.

And while all of the young entrepreneurs are different, they share one commonality; they took a risk and went for it.

INROADS Scholarship recipients speak

...The INROADS organization cares tremendously about the success of every intern. An awards ceremony recognized the many achievements of INROADS interns, including a scholarship presentation from the summit’s premier sponsor, FedEx.

I was fortunate to be named one of two recipients of the FedEx-INROADS Leadership Scholarship. I am grateful beyond measure for thefinancial support that will reducecollege expenses. All in all, the learning summit was an outlet for interns to be able to relate aspirations and celebrate progress...