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Small business virtual roundtable: Disaster Preparedness - live from Joplin, Missouri on May 22

Interested in a 700% return on investment? Experts say one dollar invested in disaster preparedness may save seven dollars in recovery. What you will learn during this 30-minute roundtable may save you hours, even days, if you are hit by that ice storm, power outage, fire, tornado, hurricane, or other disaster. What you learn may even save your business.

The roundtable will be broadcast live from Joplin, Missouri on the one-year anniversary of the worst tornado in the U.S. in 75 years. Experts from the American Red Cross, FedEx and the Joplin community will participate on the panel and answer your questions...

Dallas Race to Prepare: checkered flag flies again on another great season

Kevin Sisk Team Dallas Race to Prepare.jpg
FedEx wraps up season three of Race to Prepare with the American Red Cross and NASCAR

On Your Mark…Get Set…Go!: 250 Kids Race to Prepare in Bay Area

FedEx team members RTP SFO.jpg
2011 Race to Prepare launch campaign kicks off in the Bay Area with FedEx, Red Cross, Boys and Girls Club and NASCAR. 250 school children participate!

Award from leading relief agency a 2010 highlight for FedEx


A 2010 highlight for FedEx related to our CSR efforts in the disaster response area was receiving the Global Partner Award from a relief organization I view as incredibly forward thinking, proactive and groundbreaking in their work: Direct Relief International (DRI).

Since disaster response is one of the core philanthropic giving areas at FedEx it was especially gratifying to receive an award in this area (learn more about our giving areas at, and all the more so as it was given by such a top-notch agency.

FedEx provides in-kind transportation support to Direct Relief, increasing their capacity to respond to disasters worldwide, and to provide critically needed medicines to underserved populations around the world. However, in addition to recognizing FedEx for in-kind support, the award specifically...

Do More Than Cross Your Fingers™

If you heard a bad storm was headed your way, would you know what to do?  If your power went out for several days, or you had to care for a sick loved one, would you have everything you need? If you had to evacuate and leave your home, would you be ready?Most Americans would have to answer “No.”  The American Red Cross has done some research which shows that only about 12 percent of Americans are reasonably ready for a disaster.  That means that the majority of us have to do more to get prepared.