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Behind the scenes access to critical shipments

master_dm_13_007_01_03_01_003_160-110-4.jpg What do haute couture clothes have in common with medical equipment and aircraft technology? Any guesses?

On the face of it very little. However, at a closer look you’ll see that all of the above objects are critical.

By critical shipments I mean high value, extremely time or temperature sensitive, or even irreplaceable objects – making it imperative that their location and temperature is known at all times...

Africa’s Moment to Move Forward

I recently returned from the World Economic Forum on Africa in Cape Town, South Africa.  The city lives up to its reputation as one of the most beautiful in the world.  But the assembled leaders were there to do much more than just take in the view.  Like the early explorers who founded Cape Town, this group of leaders came to chart a course for a new era of growth and opportunity for the continent.  Optimism was the prevailing mood of the participants, though

Evolving Supply Chain Offers New Opportunities for Global Growth

Gene's media briefing in BJ_med.jpg
The Bund is a one-mile pedestrian walkway that runs along the western bank of the Huangpu River in Shanghai, China, offering one of the most spectacular views of the Shanghai skyline. Reflecting off the water, the lights that line the buildings along The Bund are a sight to behold for tourists and natives alike, their flashing cameras only adding to the light show.

How to Decrease Legal Risks in the Medical Supply Chain

pic_SA.png ...SenseAware, a multi-sensor device powered by a FedEx platform for data and device management, is allowing companies to follow the journey of their shipment in near real time. In the medical field, knowing the identity of the person signing at the point of delivery is also critical. Recently, I participated in a regulatory seminar with attendees from various medical device companies and gained new insights into their efforts to control quality and to minimize legal and regulatory risks...

FedEx Trade Networks: Global Freight Forwarding

FedEx Trade Networks is the global freight forwarding arm of FedEx. We provide global transportation solutions under the powerful FedEx brand.

Every shipment is different. FedEx Trade Networks offers a powerful combination of expertise, innovation and customer service to meet customer needs, whether they ship via ocean, air or land. The freight forwarding industry is a $172 billion market that is very fragmented amongst freight forwarders. We can provide a cost effective freight forwarding solution providing coverage in major international markets and trade lanes with flexible carrier schedules...