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E-commerce - the 3rd Major Evolution in Global Economy?

I recently spoke on a panel about how the internet and e-commerce are transforming global business.  My message was that you could make the argument that e-commerce could be considered the 3rd major evolution in the global economy since the industrial revolution. The first was the dramatic improvements in telecoms and transportation, which virtually eliminated time and distance as trade barriers.

Seven Big E-Commerce Trends

Check out the latest series of infographics on ecommerce trends, marketplaces and returns below and visit for more helpful information to grow your ecommerce business.

Students get real-world global lessons from FedEx

Photo Nov 01, 10 37 47 AM.jpg ...One of the key benefits in this relationship was the hands-on, real-world application that the students received. This was such an invaluable lesson that we, the teachers, would never have been able to do alone. It is easy for us to explain the business world, give examples, and talk about it, but it’s another thing entirely to be able to participate in it first hand. It took our curriculum to a level that our students have never experienced...

You Down With P-S-P? Yeah You Know Me! (Applying FedEx Principles in the Age of Access)

..At FedEx we have an internal philosophy, a guiding principle if you will, which we call P-S-P. That stands for “People-Service-Profit.” This started with our founder and he has often described the circular nature of that mantra by explaining that if you invest in your people they will provide a superior service which will generate profit, which in turn allows you to invest in your people. It is all interconnected, much like the world economy has become and is continuing to become...

Succeeding in the Global Economy

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Students from around the U.S. and Canada are gathering in Boston this weekend for the first Junior Achievement North American Company of the Year Competition. Twenty JA student "Companies" are presenting their business enterprise before a panel of judges, vying for the highly contested title of North American Student Company of the Year. FedEx is sponsoring the JA Competition because it teaches students around the world valuable business skills, free enterprise, and how they can succeed in a global economy.