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B20 / G20 Momentum

B20 logo.png I’ve just wrapped up attending the B20 (Business20) Summit in Los Cabos, Mexico where business leaders met to discuss the global economy and recommend a path forward to sustained growth. We met just ahead of the annual gathering of the G20 Leaders’ Summit here, where finding solutions to strengthen the economic picture were atop the agenda, and we committed to working with the industrialized and developing nations to achieve that goal.

Trading Up

On April 2, world leaders of the G20 will meet in London for critical talks on the global economic crisis.  From my perspective, one of their key objectives should be to prevent new trade barriers from spreading like a virus around the world. In November, leaders of the G20 pledged to refrain from raising barriers to trade and investment for a year.  A few days later, however, they started backing away from their commitments.