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The Economy of Health Care: Why Breakthroughs in Medicine Create Growing Demand

ACC_033.jpg How old is the oldest person you know personally? 80? 90? 100?

These numbers are well within reach given today’s life expectancy. Had I asked the same question in 1913 instead of 2013, the answers may have been more like 50 or 55. The average life expectancy continues to rise, and with it, new trends in the global health care industry.

The Great Recession showed us that the health care industry could stand up to the sharp economic downturn. While sales of health care supplies and equipment still faced economic decline—about three percent— the industry fared much better than others included in the S&P 500, many of which saw business decline 20 percent.

Dallas Race to Prepare: checkered flag flies again on another great season

Kevin Sisk Team Dallas Race to Prepare.jpg
FedEx wraps up season three of Race to Prepare with the American Red Cross and NASCAR

FedEx Delivers Grin to Red Cross Staffer: Hurricane Irene Response

...To say that I was grinning ear to ear and full of Memphis pride at the sight of the FedEx logo would be a vast understatement. Thanks to your support the American Red Cross opened or partnered with more than 500 shelters from Puerto Rico to Maine as Irene traveled up the eastern seaboard.

In the aftermath of the storm we continued to serve those communities by opening additional shelters, distributing relief items, and providing emotional support. I had several opportunities to visit our shelters and witness the damage caused by flooding in central and northern New Jersey. My deployment was an amazing experience and I cannot thank you enough for your continued support as our organizations work to serve those that are affected by disasters at home and abroad...

FedEx and Red Cross Relationship Showcased at Global Vounteer Conference in Singapore

President IFRC at Singapore Conference.jpg

I received a call some months ago from the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) in Geneva, Switzerland inviting FedEx to present at the International Association of Volunteer Effort (IAVE) Global Conference in Singapore the week of January 24 ( More than 1,000 delegates from 100 countries participated in the Conference.

As the IAVE conference is the world's premier global conference in the volunteering arena, it was quite an honor to receive the invitation. Presenters and attendees were quite diverse. They included the President of Singapore, the President of the IFRC, actors Jet Li and Michelle Yeoh...

Denny Hamlin scores checkered flag for different kind of race

Miami Race to Prepare Nov 2010 020.jpg

While one kind of checkered flag eluded Denny Hamlin on November 22, 2010, his efforts in another race, on November 18, earned him another kind of checkered flag in my book.

On Thursday, November 18, under all the pressures associated with the upcoming final race of the NASCAR 2010 Chase for the Sprint Cup - just four days away - Denny Hamlin chose to come out and participate in another kind of race, one associated with FedEx and our support for the American Red Cross: the Race to Prepare.