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Relief for Typhoon Haiyan victims – a personal perspective

Bogo, Cebu Delivery, Pic 2edited.jpg (Note – FedEx team member Vernice Hunt is onsite in Cebu City in the Philippines to chronicle the FedEx delivery of emergency medical supplies for Direct Relief and Heart to Heart International.)

...On the personal side, I had family members who lived in the direct path of Haiyan. During the storm and for days afterward, there was no word about these family members, but it turns out we were among the lucky ones. Everyone was safe and sound. But my heart still goes out to so many others in my country who were not so lucky, and are still suffering today....

Sending Aid, Delivering Hope to Eastern Africa

...Heart to Heart and FedEx are delivering not only 10 pallets of hygiene kits from the Forward Response Center in Paris for family units in eastern Africa, but we are also sending 25 Ready Relief Boxes to International Medical Corps from the United States.

The hygiene kits provide enough supplies to help individuals avoid the spread of germs and disease for up to two weeks. The Ready Relief Box contains enough medicines and supplies for up to 500 patient encounters. These shipments are expected to impact more than 15,000 people through International Medical Corps’ operations...

A Year in Review With Heart to Heart

The following excerpt is taken for the book, The Power of Serviing Others: You Can Start Where you Are.  Heat to Heart founder, Dr. Gary Morsch discusses how is organization's relationship with FedEx began.