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Celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service in Atlanta with Stop Hunger Now

MLK16.jpg.jpeg On January 20th, 80 FedEx employees gathered in a warehouse in South Atlanta to package 20,088 meals through Stop Hunger Now, a global humanitarian aid organization aimed at ending hunger worldwide. In just two short hours these employees filled, weighed, sealed, and boxed thousands of bags containing a nutrient-rich mixture of rice, soy, and vegetables.

For those who have never experienced a meal packaging event with Stop Hunger Now, it might come as a shock to hear that it is even possible to put together so many meals in so short a time...

Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King

Last Monday  we observed the holiday honoring the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The day is celebrated in many ways, from parades to volunteering to helping others, every year many make this day a day to work to celebrate the legacy of Dr. King, and not simply taking a day off work. Here at FedEx we made the day a Day of Service by partnering with the Hands on Network to give back to communities in Chicago, Dallas, Memphis, Newark and Washington, DC.  

I Saw Dr. King Through His Daughter's Eyes

I was attending a sorority meeting one chilly Saturday morning when my cell phone rang. It was a friend asking if I would assist one of his colleagues with some of her speech presentations. "She's great but she'd like to update her portfolio with some fresh, new material," he explained. "And who is this colleague?" I asked as I tiptoed out of the meeting room. "Yolanda King," he replied. "You mean Yolanda as in Dr. Martin Luther King's daughter?" I asked. "Yes," he said. May I give her your number and have the two of you hook up?"