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What you always wanted to know about Good Distribution Practices (GDP), but did not dare to ask.

On March 7th of this year, the European Union issued new guidelines on Good Distribution Practices (GDP) that will take effect in 6 months. An updated version of original guidelines from 1994 was released in 2011 for public consultation. The extensive input of numerous stakeholders led to the new publication focused on medicinal products for human use. Contents do not contain any surprises for professionals who followed developments at cold chain conferences in particular.

A New Year's Resolution: Driving More Safely

Last week, I sat among many of the foremost experts in transportation safety and security at the World Bank in Washington D.C.  The most startling fact? The leading cause of death among children age 10 to 19 are road crashes, killing 260,000 children a year (World Health Organization).  For those of us at FedEx, that is almost the size of our entire global workforce. Although many of us may see other issues as more pressing, the facts are clear: Road and pedestrian safety must be addressed.