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Hagerstown Volunteers Strengthen Local Community, Foster Sustainability

Hagerstown Foodbank Volunteers_040813_v3.jpg
Whether it’s providing much needed aid in their community or protecting the environment, FedEx Ground’s Hagerstown, Md., employees always deliver. Throughout the spring, volunteers have been actively working to boost the people and world around them. They’ve been busy at the Maryland Food Bank, sprucing up a nearby national park and supporting the Salvation Army. Not bad for a team that’s also supporting one of the largest central sorting facilities in the FedEx Ground network.

Making a difference in Sao Paulo, Brazil: special donation helps The Salvation Army feed the hungry

An official ceremony was held last month at The Salvation Army headquarters in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It was held in celebration of the donation of a brand new Disaster Response Unit (DRU) from FedEx. The DRU is a custom made canteen truck designed to help feed the hungry both in times of disaster and throughout the year.

Pack, Ship & Give Back this Holiday Season

As much as Superstorm Sandy took away from millions of people, uprooting lives and devastating neighborhoods, it has also inspired, in the worst of times, the best in people – a determination to give. The courage to face rebuilding shattered communities, even in the immediate wake of the hurricane, inspired all of us who watched from afar. We ached at the misfortune of fellow Americans. Even from thousands of miles away, we couldn’t help but see them as neighbors.

Smile on George’s face…priceless: a sustainable approach to long term disaster recovery

As we pull up in front of the lot in late August – construction still in progress – the smile on George’s face is priceless. He bounds out of the car, camera in hand, and starts snapping away, taking photos of a new home being built in the Broadmoor neighborhood in New Orleans (see photo).

George is with the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and the home was designed by one of the teams that won their 2010 Natural Talent Design Competition, a competition he helps facilitate.

He was beside himself with excitement as he marveled at the progress being made on the home, thrilled that a deserving family will soon move into a fantastic, modern home that nicely fits into the neighborhood and meets the “LEED for Homes Platinum Standard.” This is all part of EnviRenew’s unique “sustainable” approach to long term recovery.

FedEx and The Salvation Army: Passion, Creativity and Innovation in “Building Back Better”

EnviRenew Team photo at FedEx 3 6.8.11.JPG
While I have always had the utmost respect and admiration for The Salvation Army and its work in the disaster response field, I had not seen the organization so much as the amazingly creative and innovative organization that it is.