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Fans and Players Aren't Only Ones Arriving Early for Super Bowl XLIX

delivery2.png Fans, players and coaches aren’t the only ones arriving early for Super Bowl XLIX. As the Official Delivery Service Sponsor of the NFL and the Super Bowl, FedEx provided the safe and on-time delivery of the Vince Lombardi Trophy to the NFL Experience Engineered by GMC, marking a milestone in the festivities surrounding The Big Game.

Delivering the Super Bowl

During the holidays, we often hear the Peak shipping season referred to as our “Super Bowl”.

Well, when the big game comes to your hometown, that term becomes larger than life. Indianapolis recently hosted Super Bowl XLVI and FedEx played a major role delivering the biggest game of the year. Planning begins months in advance and impacts all operations. Here’s a behind the scenes look at how we delivered the Super Bowl:

Towels for Troops -- Part Two -- Collecting, Packing and Shipping

Towels for Troops 009.jpg
On Monday, January 26, Terrible Towels were flying in Pittsburgh. To be precise 2,555 towels were sailing into boxes as a small contingency of FedEx Ground employees quickly packed up 22 boxes for shipment to six military bases as part of the Towels for Troops campaign. Nearly 600 lbs. of Terrible Towels, many signed with personal messages of thanks and encouragement, were loaded on FedEx Express planes in Pittsburgh for final delivery to four camps in Iraq, one in Kuwaitand to a military hospital in Germany.

Towels for Troops: Celebrating the Pittsburgh Steelers Trip to the Super Bowl

Towels for Troops 049.jpg
To celebrate the Pittsburgh Steelers seventh trip to the Super Bowl in Tampa on Feb. 1, Pittsburgh-based FedEx Ground and the Pittsburgh Steelers have launched the Towels for Troops campaign. FedEx will be shipping thousands of Terrible Towels® to Steelers fans who are serving in the military overseas. The final delivery will be done by FedEx Express. Short of sending them to the Super Bowl, we can’t think of a better way to bring a little bit of Pittsburgh Steelers fever to our hardworking troops.

Addressing Questions Regarding Advertising and Marketing Programs

I have had the opportunity to speak with many employees and stakeholders and read a number of the comments on this blog since our recent cost reductions announcement and I thought it was important to address questions that have been raised regarding our advertising and marketing programs.