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FedEx Showed Real Grit in FY12

We committed to a strong performance, and we delivered — no small feat, given the year’s challenges. Our earnings per share increased, and annual revenues exceeded $42 billion, a 9 percent increase, despite political gridlock in the United States, financial turmoil in Europe, a slowing Asian economy and volatile fuel prices.

Fred Smith Confident of Global Economy

FedEx Chairman Fred Smith appeared on after the company announced its Q2FY10 earnings report. The following video is being presented with permission from  

Minimizing Job Losses and Protecting FedEx for the Long-Term

Today FedEx announced earnings for the second quarter of our fiscal year 2009. As you can see from that announcement, we face serious economic challenges and must take immediate steps to minimize job losses and protect the long-term financial health of our company. We are doing exactly that with several significant actions that impact all of us: