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#DeliveringThanks: Recognizing Those Who Embody the Purple Promise

Patricia Parrish.png #DeliveringThanks: Attempting a delivery in a rural area, Patty Parrish heard a shout from the backyard of a home. Running towards the scream, she discovered a 77-year-old man had fallen off his deck. The man, lying in the mud, was injured and experiencing a stroke. Patty moved the man from the mud, called “911,” and...

Absolutely, Positively Unacceptable

...However, from the customer's perspective, I am pleased to let you know that the matter has been resolved in a very positive way. We have met with the customer face to face and they already have a replacement monitor at no cost to them. They have accepted our apology and say they are fully satisfied with what we've done in response to this unacceptable delivery. They've made it clear, though, that they prefer not to be identified in any way, and in this case as always with customers, we fully respect their privacy.

I know you recognize that this absolutely does NOT represent the professionalism and dedication of the 290,000 FedEx team members worldwide. It is one person and one package. While many people are publicly speculating about what will happen to the employee, FedEx takes care to protect team members' privacy as well as our customers' privacy. We do take this matter extremely seriously, and have initiated action in accord with our disciplinary policy, while respecting privacy concerns. Without going into detail, I can assure you that this courier is not delivering customer packages while we are going through this process...

For those who see rescuing someone from a burning house as just another day on the job...


This holiday season, I give special thanks to FedEx, for keeping the People First and honoring those purple-blooded team members that truly love this company, their jobs, and those in their community!

On October 28, 2010, FedEx Express honored 26 employees for their above and beyond service to FedEx and the community. Eleven employees received the Purple Promise Award and 15 received the Humanitarian Award.

How Many Prints Does it Take to Get to Disney World?

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Like many great places to work, FedEx Office makes it a priority each year to recognize the hard work and success of our team members. The annual Team of the Year competition – in place since the 1980s, when the company was known as Kinko’s – is reserved to honor the best-of-the-best in our organization. One cluster, or group of stores, and one standalone center are selected based on their record of customer service, team member retention and financial performance. We also honor the top sales team in the nation for their hard work, sales performance and commitment to customers.

A Battered Box, a Fearless Rescue and One Brash New Yorker... or What I Learned Photographing the People of "I am FedEx"

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With the launch of a new FedEx employee recognition program called "I am FedEx", I was asked to photograph life sized portraits and wall hangings featuring FedEx employees across the company.  The thing I like most about this concept is we're featuring the unsung heroes who perform the magic 'behind the curtain'.  They are the everyday workers, the ones on the frontlines who produce by doing and being out in the field, hubs and stations every day.