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We aren’t just busier this year – we’re earlier, too!

master_k03367 (1).jpg.jpeg Working for FedEx during the holidays is like being a quarterback before the big game – you’ve spent all year preparing, and now the moment is here.

Today is the day we’ve all been working for – the busiest day of the year when we are expected to ship 22 million packages –11% more than our busiest day last year and more than twice as much as an average day at FedEx. Today also marks the beginning of the busiest week of the year, when we expect to handle more than 85 million shipments globally.

E-commerce - the 3rd Major Evolution in Global Economy?

I recently spoke on a panel about how the internet and e-commerce are transforming global business.  My message was that you could make the argument that e-commerce could be considered the 3rd major evolution in the global economy since the industrial revolution. The first was the dramatic improvements in telecoms and transportation, which virtually eliminated time and distance as trade barriers.

Infographic: FedEx - The North Pole of the South

During the holiday season, FedEx and its Super Hub in Memphis, Tennessee, become the North Pole of the South – truly the stuff of Christmas lore with purple-clad “elves” working ‘round the clock to get holiday gifts where they’re going in time for the big day. For shoppers that need to ship their gifts across the country and around the world, FedEx makes the season easier. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at how FedEx delivers holiday joy worldwide.

PHOTO: FedEx Chairman Fred Smith co-hosts CNBC's 'Squawk Box' live at Memphis Hub

FedEx Chairman Fred Smith co-hosts CNBC's 'Squawk Box' live at Memphis Hub. View: [video clips] [photo gallery] The program, co-anchored by CNBC’s Joe Kernen and Carl Quintanilla was joined by special guest host Fedex CEO Fred Smith on Monday, December 20th. Topics addressed included the economy, holiday spending, national security and energy, among other topics.

FedEx celebrates our busiest day in history by ringing the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange


"What a great feeling - I'm so proud to be here. I'm born and raised here, and I love this city!" - Michael Moringiello, FedEx Custom Critical

Today offered a rare treat for nine of our FedEx team members, as the group had the distinct honor of ringing the opening bell at the famed New York Stock Exchange. FedEx celebrates its busiest day in history today, as holiday shipments hit their their peak. We at FedEx expect to move a record-setting 16 million shipments today, up nearly 13% from last year’s busiest day, and double the volume of an average night.