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Q&A With Mitch Jackson, FedEx Expert on Sustainability

MitchJackson_Influence-sq.jpg As part an ongoing series exploring the links between connectivity and innovation, our FedEx Access team spoke with Mitch Jackson, vice president of Environmental Affairs and Sustainability for FedEx. Jackson spearheaded the implementation of FedEx hybrid-electric vehicles, among the first in the commercial marketplace.

Access: How would you describe the relationship between increased global connectivity and innovation?

MITCH JACKSON: I believe that global connectivity and innovation go hand in hand. If you think about it, attempts at globalization have been ongoing for centuries. Books like...

Ethics in Action

FedEx Cares PH 2011-sq.jpg When we think about “business leadership”, the first words that often spring to mind are “vision” or “innovation”.

Seldom do the words “ethics” or “ethical” automatically top the list. But they must.

Just as the world is changing, so too is our notion of leadership. And it’s exactly the characteristics that we most value in human beings – respect, responsibility, integrity or compassion – that must become intrinsically connected with leadership...

A Sustaining Tale

blocks.jpg Performance, Leadership, Innovation and Transparency are the building blocks of Practical Environmentalism, which I define as strategic and transformational environmental stewardship that adds tangible value in the effort to be more responsible. I have written about this concept quite a bit in the past since it is the fundamental foundation that we employ in focusing upon our sustainability program.

The “Madness” of John Muir: Conservation Leadership as a Lifestyle

theodore_roosevelt_yosemite2.jpg With the recent publication of our latest FedEx Global Citizenship Report, it only seems appropriate that we revisit the accomplishments of John Muir, a founding father of the American environmental movement. Muir’s legacy, launched over a century ago, continues to serve as an important source of inspiration for today’s citizens, business leaders and communities at large.

FedEx team members and the 2012 Women In Aviation International Conference

wia-conf.jpg ...There were dozens of women looking for an opportunity with a company who will recognize their potential and encourage their growth. We were happy to share our personal stories and talk about the culture of excellence we enjoy at FedEx. Many times during the conference, I heard comments about the difference we make to our customers and the impact our team had throughout the event...