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Hiring our Heroes

...Our company employs numerous veterans including FedEx founder and chairman, Frederick W. Smith, who served in the U.S. Marine Corps. Each year we participate in several events to support our troops. Since 2005, we’ve helped transport Christmas trees to our military as part of the Trees for Troops program. This election season, FedEx is proud to continue our partnership with the Overseas Vote Foundation to provide voter services for our military service members....

A gift for Freedom Service Dogs

freedomservicedogs.png Judy McMillan, from FedEx in Denver, wrote to our department to see if we could help in moving donated Purina pet foods for Freedom Services Dogs. It is within the city of Denver and the shelter did not have the capability of picking up the food, so FedEx came to the rescue. Here is Judy's thank you:

A Word of Thanks from Steak Team Mission in Afghanistan

On behalf of Harvey Gough - Steak Team Mission Founder and the Steak Team Mission Volunteers, we would like to thank FedEx for partnering with us in our endeavor to feed home-style cooked steak dinners to over 2000 very well deserving Marines in Afghanistan. This mission required that we donate, deliver, cook and feed Marines at Camp Leatherneck and six stations on the front. Our job of ensuring perfect execution became much easier the day FedEx offered to deliver our food and supplies to Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan following your recently opened direct routes to Dubai. Even the ice cream stayed frozen in Afghanistan heat. Thank you.

Coffee provided as a small way to thank overseas soldiers

We live and work next to the military airfield (busiest single runway airport of the world) in Kandahar, Southern Afghanistan. The amenities of normal life are painfully missing. Good air, tolerable temperature, tasty food, alcohol, and personal privacy are just non-existent. We work around the clock every day, no days off, to save lives of local civilian and military, and our own. We see death, pain and destroyed lives several times on each day.

The only luxury we have is good coffee thanks to a man in Connecticut and shipping donated by FedEx. The First Congregational Church started an unusual ministry 5 years ago to chaplains: sending them coffee and coffee makers into the war zone.

FedEx is Proud to Support our Troops

soliders with care packages.jpg
Our major support of our troops stands with the USO.  FedEx donated shipping of the USO care package programs to provide support to our troops deployed to the Persian Gulf and the wounded returning to Germany and the United States for treatment.  The packages are sent to more than 120 centers around the world, providing free e-mail and internet access, internatonal phone cards, libraries and travel assistance.  USO affiliates in the United States provide support to service members as well as their families left behind.  Additional in-kind support is provided to transport the entertainment t