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Work Life Balance in the Modern World

Prior to starting at FedEx in 2009, I had over 18 years of work experience…never before had I heard of work-life balance! Of course, companies I worked for said that they cared about their employees’ happiness and well-being, but there was no follow-through. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that FedEx actually walks the walk. The FedEx Work-Life Balance Program “was established to foster a more supportive work environment that acknowledges employees as individuals with priorities beyond the workplace,” and the Employee Activity Committees (EAC) that are present throughout the various FedEx Operating Companies only enhance the program.

FedEx Office Takes a Look at Work/Life Balance in 2009

FedEx Office released the results of its national “Finding Better Balance” survey, and found 47 percent of respondents say better work/life balance would be even more important to them in 2009, compared to 2008.  The online survey, conducted in late November 2008 with more than 500 full-time, U.S.

The Journey of Finding Balance

This year is my 30th anniversary here at FedEx. The Company is 35 years old, so you can imagine I've seen, experienced and been through a lot of change. In that time I've been fortunate to grow my professional career to a point where today I serve as vice president of FedEx Customer Information Services customer service operations. I have had the opportunity to hold many different positions throughout the company which has given me the ability to grow and learn.