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Driving to the Rose Garden

“The longest part of the journey is said to be the passing of the gate.” – Marcus Terentius Varro

The School Year is Just Starting but the Grades Are Already Coming In

Schools around the country are getting ready to open their doors for the fall term, but FedEx Office has already gotten its first report card of the year. Today ForestEthics and the Dogwood Alliance, nonprofits committed to responsible forestry, issued their third annual “Green Grades” office supply report card.  I’m proud to say FedEx Office got an A-, the best grade in the business.According to the report:

Citizenship (cont.)

For many years, we have studied our operations at FedEx to determine how we can preserve service levels while minimizing fuel usage and environmental impact.

History’s Lesson: Sustainability Requires Everyone in the Trenches

“Our republics cannot exist long in prosperity. We require adversity and appear to possess most of the republican spirit when most depressed.” - Benjamin Rush -

Moving in Circles

“Merry-go-rounds move, but wheels travel”