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Ethics in Action

FedEx Cares PH 2011-sq.jpg When we think about “business leadership”, the first words that often spring to mind are “vision” or “innovation”.

Seldom do the words “ethics” or “ethical” automatically top the list. But they must.

Just as the world is changing, so too is our notion of leadership. And it’s exactly the characteristics that we most value in human beings – respect, responsibility, integrity or compassion – that must become intrinsically connected with leadership...

Taking Time To Recognize A FedEx Blogger - Mitch Jackson

Earlier this month Ethisphere named FedEx Citizenship blogger Mitch Jackson to its 2009 list of 100 Most Influential People in Business Ethics. 

Net Impact Conference: Bill Margaritis

FedEx executive Bill Margaritis participated in a panel discussion "Ethical Globalization: An Exploration of Opportunities and Challenges" at last week's 16th annual Net Impact Conference at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.  The conference's theme this year was "The Sustainable Advantage: Creating Social and Environmental Value".  Bill spoke about the topic of Access.  The conference was attended by approximately 2,000 MBA students from accross the country and around the world.