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Common Ground - creating safe places to discuss change

common-ground-logo.jpg Few can argue that news events during the summer of 2013 are clear evidence that we have more than enough race and gender based issues to debate and dispute in this country. The problems are not new, and they won’t be solved overnight. But it is heartening to know that there are those who are working to make positive changes. Small steps, but steps in the right direction nonetheless.

That’s why it was encouraging and inspiring to be in attendance at the 5th Anniversary celebration of Common Ground Memphis. Attended by about 100 people, young, old, Black, White, Latino, Asian, East Indian – it was as diverse a group as you can get.

Founded by local Memphis newspaper columnist Wendi Thomas, Common Ground was established to create a safe place for people to come together...

Women and the Arab World: The Promise of Morocco?

maysam-shebani-iwf-IMG_1649_med.jpg "This past spring, demonstrators took to the streets over a Court decision which upheld Clause 475 of the Criminal Code; at the time, 16 year Amina Filali killed herself as the court ordered her to marry a man who had raped her. Under Article 475 of the Moroccan Criminal Code, a "kidnapper" of a minor can marry his victim to escape prosecution. The reasoning follows that by marrying the victim, the honor of the woman’s family is preserved."

Closing the Achievement Gap can Strengthen our STEM Workforce

Today, I had the opportunity to attend the Congressional Black Caucus Science and Technology Brainstrust event hosted by Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-Texas).

FedEx team members and the 2012 Women In Aviation International Conference

wia-conf.jpg ...There were dozens of women looking for an opportunity with a company who will recognize their potential and encourage their growth. We were happy to share our personal stories and talk about the culture of excellence we enjoy at FedEx. Many times during the conference, I heard comments about the difference we make to our customers and the impact our team had throughout the event...

Leadership from China and Supporting Young Entrepreneurs in Africa: Diversity and Inclusion at FedEx

In this edition of the Diverse Appeal:
-Rebecca Yeung's rise from a small town in China to her leadership position at FedEx
-Entrepreneurship in Africa
-Two women bond during their fight against cancer
-Much more...