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Reflections on India

The U.S. and India may be thousands of miles apart, but in many ways, we are getting a lot closer.  One sign of growing U.S.-India ties is the introduction of direct flights that connect the two countries.  It's a relatively new phenomenon and was definitely nice to get on the Boeing 777 aircraft in New Delhi and get off in New York, albeit after 15 hours!From a business perspective, I also wanted to share some reflections from the conversations I had during my recent visit to India:

World Economic Forum - Update from New Delhi

"Be fearful, but don't panic". I always like short and simple conclusions that I can understand.  These words were spoken by a prominent economist in India after a thoughtful two-hour discussion of the current economic meltdown and its implications in India. Some excerpts are below.

India Trade Mission Update: 40000ft. Above Mumbai

A strong delegation from FedEx led by Mike Ducker, President FedEx International, landed in Delhi on Monday.  We had the opportunity to meet with the trade mission that FedEx is jointly coordinating with US Commercial Service.  A very good interaction with US Ambassador to India followed.  Ambassador Mulford promoted the opportunities that lie ahead in the US-India relationship especially as it relates to enhancement of trade.