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China Badminton Team Packs a Powerful Swing

Catherine Lu and two badminton players _8106.JPG
...Since 2006, FedEx has been the sponsor of the China Badminton Team. This hugely successful relationship has already represented the excellent passion of speed, accuracy and leadership shared by both parties. As a leading express provider in China, FedEx is committed to providing its customers with fast, reliable service through its excellent work. In the future, both FedEx and the China Badminton team will continue to receive more achievements in their respective fields, and achieve mutual success through some joint events and communities activities...

It Might Get Loud: 8 Questions with Loudmouth Golf

Are there any challenges to having a supply chain that spans the globe?


Oh wait, YES! About a zillion.

Honestly, Loudmouth is about having fun. And supply chain "challenges," as you euphemistically referred to them are NOT fun. However, FedEx has been able to solve most of them, so the supply chain isn't as much a "ball and chain" for us, which frees us up to be the fun stylish guys designing, producing, golfing in and partying in LOUD PANTS.

It’s Not Your Grandfather’s Cricket


What is it about India and cricket?  If you mention going to a cricket match, most people in US smile politely, then picture an Old World of young men lazing away the day on the cricket field with lunch and tea breaks to boot.  Hardly the case these days.

The crisp whites of the linen-and-parasol set have long been replaced by teams of superb athletes in uniforms in bright blue or orange or green.  Multiple game formats have evolved with the shortest version of the game time now lasting about three hours. 

Cricket is almost religion in India where the entire country comes together around the new formats of a game that now defines modern India.