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Practical Tips to Boost Your Small Business

...People from around the world joined our Tweet Chats to ask questions and offer thoughts on a variety of topics important to small businesses including growing sales, advertising and branding. Our guest experts provided some great advice and I learned a lot as I moderated the three different Tweet Chats. Following are some of the tips...

How Hashtags, @mentions, and FedEx Work Together: Customer Service in the Twitter-verse

Sheila.Dallas.JPG ...About a year ago, @FedExRobin (that’s really one of our Twitter Reps’, or “tweeter’s” names!) caught the attention of renowned author, Marsha Collier. Some of you may recognize Marsha’s name as she has written several of the “… for Dummies” books. Marsha was so impressed by FedEx Robin that she devoted a chapter to FedEx in her latest book, “The Ultimate Online Customer Service Guide”. So, we decided to invite Marsha to the Dallas Call Center on Tuesday, April 19th to meet FedEx Robin in person!...

FedEx Delivers at SXSWi

As technology becomes more innovative, it’s important for us to stay up to date with what is new and relevant, and who the people creating new technologies are. That’s why we decided to have a presence at the South by Southwest Interactive conference in Austin, Texas.

There are dozens upon dozens of brands vying for attention at SXSWi, so we knew our outreach had to do something big, smart and authentic to stand out from the crowd. It also needed to provide a benefit for busy conference-goers, while delivering messaging about the FedEx brand and its services.

To help demonstrate the international shipping capabilities of FedEx, we created a food truck that looked just like a FedEx delivery truck, and drove it into Austin during SXSWi

4 keys to getting the most from your social media efforts


A few months ago, one of my friends in Louisiana asked me to come down to speak to his local Entrepreneur Organization chapter about digital and social media at FedEx.  This friend also happens to be one of the largest FedEx customers in Louisiana, which made the request more of a demand.  But as a native of Louisiana, it’s always attractive to head farther South during the cold winter months in Memphis, so last month I took him up on a trip to Baton Rouge.

What I didn’t realize when I accepted the invitation was that my presentation was a keynote for something much larger - Louisiana Entrepreneurship Day, organized by...