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FedEx Express Establishes Default Temperature Settings on the B777F

PictureB777F-b.jpg ...FedEx Express has implemented procedures to maintain temperatures on board its new B777 aircraft remain within the CRT range during flights.

Extensive research studies were conducted by FedEx to determine the appropriate default temperature settings, so now cold chain shippers can plan accordingly with a great degree of confidence regarding what the temperature ranges will be in flight...

Cold Chain for Beginners

laot-blog-image.jpg Cold Chain is a term used to characterize temperature-controlled storage, distribution and transportation. The term can be misleading since it does not refer to “cold” temperatures in particular. Products that are sensitive to temperature variations, whether they be perishables such as fruits and vegetables or more sophisticated drugs and medical devices, are included in the term “cold chain”. However, cold chain is often more narrowly used in reference to temperature and time-sensitive high value healthcare products...

A more environmentally-friendly, non-hazardous service for deep frozen shipments, from FedEx


Today FedEx launched a new service for deep frozen shipments that is a non-hazardous and more environmentally-friendly alternative to dry ice. Read more about it here:

Some of the benefits include:
· Up to 10 days of holding time (<-150C) to support complex international moves
Elimination of dry ice, removing the need to re-ice shipments or purchase, inventory or manage insulated boxes
No need to train personnel on handling hazardous materials
Reduced environmental impact since the non-dangerous goods container is recycled and liquid nitrogen evaporates harmlessly