Green Power Continues to Light the Way

“It is the nature of truth to struggle to the light” – Wilkie Collins

Hybrid Vehicles On A Hill – The Offensive Continues

“The one great element in continuing the success of an offensive is maintaining the momentum” – General George C. Marshall

Is the Overnight Envelope Anti-Green?

At the recent Fortune Brainstorm: Green conference, the subject of the famous FedEx overnight envelope came up. One of my fellow panelists said he was surprised to still see those envelopes, implying that the contents could easily be transmitted electronically, and that somehow this service was environmentally "wasteful." He made me realize how easy it is for people to make the wrong assumptions or hold on to outdated ones.

History’s Lesson: Sustainability Requires Everyone in the Trenches

“Our republics cannot exist long in prosperity. We require adversity and appear to possess most of the republican spirit when most depressed.” - Benjamin Rush -

Sustainability Is a Team Sport

"You guys pair up in groups of three, then line up in a circle." - Bill Peterson - I wouldn’t recommend following that directive. In fact, I am not even sure how it can be accomplished. But, it is relevant. Here’s why: