It’s What You See That Matters in Transparency

It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see – Henry David Thoreau - A few months ago, I started a series of blog posts on Practical Environmentalism. This post is the fifth and last of that series. To recap, this one was preceded by the following:

Sustaining Leadership – Learning from the Past to Focus on the Future

“The ultimate test of practical leadership is the realization of intended, real change that meets people’s enduring needs” – James MacGregor Burns -                

Innovation Can Be Magical

Innovation plays a key role in the success  of all company initiatives - including environmental stewardship. “I believe in being an innovator” – Walt Disney  

All in a Night’s Performance - Bogart, Business and Boxes

“The only thing that you owe the public is a good performance” - Humphrey Bogart Maybe this is true in acting; but it’s not accurate when it comes to business in general, or delivering boxes every day and night.

Practical Environmentalism

"A house can have integrity, just like a person" - Ayn Rand -  Practical Environmentalism is strategic and transformational environmental stewardship that adds tangible value in the effort to be more responsible. It doesn’t matter if the organization practicing it is a household, a business, a state, regional or national government.